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Sunday, May 10, 2009

arggggggg ebay

i'm trying to sell some (well quite a lot) of things on ebay right now. i haven't sold anything on ebay since last summer and there have been a lot changes to it.

the first thing i was trying to sell was a game for xbox 360. on ebay you can enter the UPC code and it will automatically dispaly a picture of the game and describe the game for you. i look at the game and where the UPC code should be, there isn't anything. there's a square that says not for resale!!! really??!! is this game case trying to tell me that i can't sell it? well i paid for it so i'm going to do whatever i want with it so i'm GOING TO SELL IT!!! that was annoying.

next ebay added a gazillion options to it. usually i put a picture up and then describe it. then i'll estimate the shipping and post it. that's it. i put in the shipping and it told my i couldn't charge a over a certain amount for that item. dumb. then i tried their shipping wizard and it wants to know how its package, dimensions, and all that stuff. well i haven't packaged it so i don't know. so basically i have to get everything packaged and ask the post office how much it will cost for me to ship it. again, annoying.

there's just so many options on ebay, and i just skip over most of them.

also, reggie miller is really bad at doing commercials.

oh that made me just think of my first poll!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

spring is that you?

i'm glad to see that spring has finally arrived. for me that means one thing. golf. well i don't play that much but i like to play. also i work at a golf course so that's nice. i get to golf for free and if you golf with me it's only 4o bucks, which is over 50% off.

this past weekend i moved into my new place for the summer. i move into a house with some cool bros i know (that's for you dave). The house is nice and i filled up my room quite easily. my mom and sister came this weekend to help. that was awesome because it made moving in so much easier. we packed up my stuff on friday from my dorm and loaded almost all of into two cars. we dropped that stuff off that evening in the place i'm living in now. we went out to eat after that at the lodge, which was fun. my sister and i dropped off my mom since she'd been up since 4am and went out for a little while. we went to the new bar in mandan called the drink. they tried to make it an upscale bar, but it's not a place i would go to with my friends. after, we went to applebees near the hotel and had a couple more drinks and some food. good times with my sister.

next morning we had a lot to do. yesterday we rented a truck from uhual to move my bed and couch and that we donated to the dakota boys ranch. we went out to mary to pack the few other things i had left in my room and i then checked out. next we went to my storage unit and pack everything else that was in there. we went to my new place and unpacked my bed and a few other things. we had a few things to drop off at dakota boys ranch, like a massive 3 piece L-shaped couch that has a hide-a-bed in it. i'm so glad i got rid of that thing. we ate lunch at kroll's diner. we went back to my house to unpack the rest of my stuff. it was nice having my sister and mother there cause they were a lot of help. my sister mostly did the arranging of my room and my mom did some cleaning. we were actually able to get me fully moved in and unpacked in just one day which is really impressive i think. thanks to my mom and sister for all help! i appreciated it a lot!

today i had to work at hawktree. i worked from 8 - 2 and today was really busy. it was a perfect day to golf since there was very little wind. i wish i could have golfed today. while i was there i was able to setup a twitter account for hawktree. follow HawktreeGC for updates on specials, and also the weather conditions for golfing that day. i'm gonna try to update that as much as possible. after work i went home and took a nap and then i had to go to the news station to do Marauders Weekly with Bill Halter. It went pretty well so be sure to check it out. i'm not sure what the website is that you can watch it but i'll make sure to post it later.

other notes - i bought a wireless card for my computer since i'm not near the wireless router and can't just connect a cord to it. also my xbox 360 got the red ring of death for the third time today. i'm not happy about that. i'm still deciding what i'm gonna do about that.

Thanks again to my mom and sister.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

just a couple more days

been a while since i posted... been busy i guess.

the past week or so i've been getting stuff done for finals. one class in particular is taking my life away. spirituality and men. i'm not a fan of the class since every week we have a paper to write for it. i finally got all those papers done and tonight is the last time we meet.

my systems analyst class is pretty easy since the past 2 months we've been working on a project so we only meet about once a week. this week we have our presentation on the project so that will be a piece of cake. it has to be at least 25 min and a maximum of 30 min. with 4 people on a our project that means that's only 6 - 7 min a person. not worried about that class.

i have a server and client class that's pretty cool. we learned a lot about windows server 2003 and windows xp. not really a hard class but i had a lot of work to makeup. finally got everything in yesterday and should be fine in that class. we actually have a final in that class where we take a certification test on managing a windows server 2003 environment. we get all the test questions so i'm not worried about that test either.

my other class is business law 2. i'm done with that class since all we had was a 100 question take-home test. i finished that this weekend and sent in my answers. booyakasha!

the rest of the week will be pretty interesting. we have three finalists for the head coaching job coming in this week starting today. we get the meet the coaches and ask questions. the other two are coming thursday and friday. really looking forward to meeting the candidates and finding out who they hire for the new head coach. tomorrow i start working again. actually kinda happy about that. that means that school is over and summer is here. i have an awesome job working at hawktree golf club. i don't get paid a lot but don't really mind since i get to golf there for free and pretty much anywhere else in bismarck. my sister and mom are coming down friday to help me move. really glad i get to get out of this small place and into a house for a couple months. we plan on packing friday and hitting up the new bar in mandan called the drink. saturday we move into my new place which will be nice.

overall i'll be really happy when this week is over.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

mona lisa

i used to sit and watch the pouring rain...... gosh i love guster.

i'm starting to get into a routine now at school. weird how long it took me but i guess its better than never. i've missed a lot school this year due to doctor appointments, getting sick, going to seattle, and... well that's it i guess. but still it ends up being a lot which means i'm behind in my classes.

i get up 8:30 and go eat breakfast in the cafeteria. i take a shower when i get back and get ready for the day. usually i hop on my computer, check my email, facebook, any comments on my blog, see if d has a new blog post, and hopefully someday i will have to check to see if my brother has posted a new blog. after that i go to my class at 10 (if i have it, which i rarely have these days). go to lunch at 11. then i go to the computer lab where my next class is held in an hour and half at 1. this is the class i'm most behind, well it's the only class now. so i try to do somethings before class starts and now i'm almost caught up in that class. after class i go to my room, drop off my backpack, change, and head to the training room. i recently (i guess a couple months now) had shoulder surgery and am trying to stregthening to the point where i have no pain and can start going all out again lifting. after that, depending on the day, i will either have open gym, or we'll have plyos followed by lifting. i do the lower body lifts and any upper body lifts that don't bother shoulder. after that i go back to my room, shower again, hopefully catch PTI, go eat, and back to my room for homework. this week my goal is to watch a movie a day and do a page a day for my theology class. the movies also happen to be for my theology class. today i was able to finish a page for my paper and watch the shawshank redemption. i know.... it's crazy that i hadn't seen it yet but atleast i beat my sister who has seen a zillion movies. so take that d!! booyakasha! anyways, the movie was awesome and i definately recommend it but i think most people who read this have already seen it. well everyone except my sister!!!

since i got done with one page of my paper so quickly, i decided to do this blog. now i'll check the nba scores and mlb scores to see how the playoffs shape up for the nba and to see how the twinkies did. then i'll watch family guy at 10 on cartoon network till i fall asleep.

good night all

Monday, April 13, 2009

game face bro

today was my last day in fargo as i have to go back to bismarck for school starting tomorrow morning. i woke up today and decided to play around with my character in tiger woods 08 on ps3. my brother left it there so i could try the game face feature. the game face feature is a cool little techmology add-on feature that ea added to this game. you take a picture of your face and upload it to your ea account and then you can download it to your ps3 and they'll make it into a game face that you can use on the game. well i was going to do it last night but i had to do a system update on jon's ps3 before it would work so i went to bed as it downloaded. i should also mention that last night danielle and i created a person on the game. i sat next to the tv as danielle would look at me and then screen, again at me, again at the tv. she had to do that a 1,000 times cause you can edit everything: shape, nose, eyes, cheeks, ears, chin, etc. she did a very good job. anyways this morning i got to try using the pictures d and i took last night for my game face. so basically you use a picture of your face and then lineup a bunch of crosshairs on your face. you can choose to or not choose to use a side photo aswell. i used both and then the game makes a 3d version of your face based on your photo. it takes about 20 - 25 min to do it so i went to get some food and watched a little tv. when i went back to the game i got to see my game face. it actually looked a lot like me except for one little thing..... i smiled in picture so it thought my teeth were part of my lips. so basically i had a little bit of pink on the top of my lip and then white right below it. and it was a lot of white. so it looked like i had white lips.... awesome....

good times.

Friday, April 10, 2009

my first post. oh boy

welcome to my blog! i didn't really think that i would ever start a blog but i did...

today was a fairly interesting day i guess. i am currently in my hometown of fargo where there is a massive flood still going on. my sister and i went out for lunch with my brother at applebees. this is where i actually asked them about me starting a blog and jon was quite quick to say that i should (i guess he thinks i'm interesting). nuff said.

after lunch, d and i go around to check out the red river (of the north) and see how high the water is. we start off by heading east down 19th ave n towards elephant park. we come up to elm street where i'm thinking i'm going to turn right and head towards el zagal. well i come to the stop sign, stop, and start turning right and i finally look that way and see nothing but a roadblock sign and earthen dam! scratch that idea (d just looks at me funny and starts laughing... obviously she knew i couldn't turn there and decides not to tell me). so we decide (well i guess i decide since i'm driving) that we'll head up north to edgewood. we pull up to the fork at the end of elm street and stop cause we can't go anywhere else as there's earthen damns going both ways. we get and look around and i see that all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th holes are completely underwater. nothing that doesn't really surprise as edgewood floods every year. d suggests we head north up broadway next to the sanitation plant. we get up there and broadway also has an earthen dam on it but there's enough room for us to keep going north. shortly after we are stopped by another secondary earthen dam. we take a right into royal oaks and come to a culdesac and stop. we get out to look around at the flood and walk through the mud up to the sandbags (d informs me we can't walk on the sandbags). The river is actually down quite a bit since it crested. d and i share our thoughts on solutions for preventing future floods in fargo (which would be one year from now). we walk away from the sandbag dike and i'm little annoyed cause my white shoes get all muddy and then i look at danielle and she's wearing uggs(?) and she gets mud all over them. awesome.

next we decide to go check out el zagal which was my first destination. we're on the southwest side of el zagal (which is off 14th or 15th ave n) where we get out to look at some more of the flood. d starts heading towards the dike that's been built around the little 9 hole golf course. well i've learned my lesson from earlier and decide i don't want to get as close this time cause i don't want to get my shoes more dirty. i turn around and head for a cement platform that's connected to a building. right after i turn around d kinda let's out a slight cry/laugh. i turn around to see that she's tried coming back as well. she was very unsuccessful becuase as she turn and lifts her left foot, her boot and sock both stay in the mud and she has to step with her bare foot into the mud. i turn around and just start laughing at her but i also hurry to help (i'm a nice brother duh!) d continues to just stand there and laugh. i guess she just wanted to stand there in the mud cause she loves being outside so much! (which she actually really hates if there's anyone that reads this that doesn't know my sister) but i will tell you this my sister was a go getter when they started calling for volunteer sandbaggers. so she will def get herself dirty when needed! (and thanks to all those volunteers who helped saved this city from almost certain complete disaster). anywho... back to the story. i help d get back to the dry parking lot and two people see us there and one of them starts laughing at, well, with danielle. he starts going on about how she's not the only one to do that and won't be the last.. blah blah blah... well instinctively i pull out my phone and continue to twitpic the situation which was hilarious. i happen to have a towel in my trunk so d can wipe her foot off. we go home and tell the story to my dad. we're sitting in the living for 40 min and d still hasn't gone and cleaned off her foot! she says "i want to wait till mom gets home to show her." all the while she got dirt falling from her foot and making a mess on my parents rug. ahhhh my sister... good times... (later i due believe that my mom ended up being the one that cleaned that up)..

couple hours later, my sister and my mom go to my grandmother's apartment to visit her. my dad and i decide to go to the Sports Zone and watch the masters in HD. we have a couple of beers and eat probably four bowls of popcorn (my family loves loves loves popcorn). my sister calls to tell me that she's coming to drop mom off here and pick me up so we can go to o'kellys. fridays at o'kellys are fun cause they have free wings and cheap drinks. well d had a different agenda on her mind that night...

we were hoping to make it a somewhat erdmann kids' family tradition. jon ended up having other plans but d still wanted to go so she could get sushi. i'm a fairly picky eater but d is insistent that i try some sushi. we order our drinks and d orders..... well i don't know what it was but it was two sushi rolls i think and some eat-your-mommy. its actually called edamame but i thought eat-your-mommy was a better and more creative name so that's what i'll continue to call it. she has me try the eat-your-mommy first which are like soy beans or something wrapped in a leaf. they are steamed or something (they came out hot) and i wasn't a fan. the sushi comes out next, but before that comes out, d teaches me how to use chop sticks. i really do think i was a natural. the first roll look like some odd cheese on top of white rice. d tells me to put soy sauce in my little plate/cup/bowl thingy. next she says grab a piece of sushi1 (i'm just calling the two sushi rolls sushi1 and sushi2, cause i have no idea what they were) and dip it in the soy sauce. the piece i had went for a swim instead of a dip. here i go! my first try at sushi. i start towards putting it in my mouth and then stop, then start again, then stop... this happens for a while and my sister starts laughing cause i'm quite nervous that i'm going to be spitting this right away. finally i eat it and....... I HATE IT!

sushi1 = not good

next i try sushi2 which has some crunchiness to it. i don't give it any soy sauce and just go for it. i take a fairly large piece and just eat it as fast as i can and..... not very good. it was definitely better than sushi1 but still i'm never going to have sushi again.

sushi2 = better than sushi1, but still not good

d finishes up eating and we notice that its 7 and we need to roll cause we're meeting jon and lindsay for a movie at 7:25. d gets a to go box for sushi1 which she ends up leaving at the sushi bar. good work. we roll out and head to century 10 to watch i love you man. great movie. thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend people to see it.

after the movie we talk about going to billiards to play some pool and get some drinks. well we end up being a man short so d and i decide to go to the hodo. the hodo was a great time. we ran into my brothers friends joe riley, charpie, and a couple others. we also run into one of my sisters classmates from high school. she also happened to be the older sister of one my best friends growing up. we talk to her for awhile and she texts michael (my best friend growing up) and he comes out with his girlfriend and we get caught up. we closed down the hodo and start to head home. d drops off joe and then i think she came up with the grand plan of going for perkins. delicious (or zaz as she would say). so charpie, d, and i go to the perkins in moorhead for some 3:30 am food. awesome. after we go home. when we finally arrive home i head up stairs to take my contacts out and go to bed. but i can't find my contact case! i went from my room to the bathroom and back again like 5 times and still can't find it! frick... so i go to my sister and ask if she knows where it was and she gives me an extra she had. thanks d.

well that's all for my first post. its really long but i had such a fun day that i wanted share everything with you guys. also i decided that i don't want to proof read this cause it's too long and well i just don't want to... haha